4th of July – Independence Day Brew with a View

Blonde Ale from Diamond Knot Craft Brewing with a view over Seattle

This week’s “Brew with a View” feature is special American Independence Day edition that pairs a Blonde Ale from Diamond Knot Craft Brewing of Mukilteo, Washington State, USA with a view across Seattle and Puget Sound towards the Pacific Ocean.

The Brew

As someone who works in aviation, I find the background story behind Diamond Knot Craft Brewing really interesting.  It was originally founded in 1994 by Bob Maphet and Brian Sollenberger who both worked for the Boeing Company and met at an employees beer club at the plant in Everett, Washington.  Bob describes the founding of the brewery as “a hobby that went wildly out of control” which led them on an adventure to brew liquid gold.  The Blonde Ale (yes, that’t the actual name) is exactly as it says on the label, light and refreshing but with a hint of malty spice.  It was a wonderfully refreshing beer to help cool down after a busy day sightseeing in Seattle, although I did cheat a little by drinking it in the air conditioned environment at the top of the Sky View Observatory.  The Diamond Knot name is taken from a cargo ship that collided with a Freighter called the Fenn Victory on 13th August 1947 off the coast near Seattle.  You can read more about the story of the Diamond Knot here.

From their small beginnings, Diamond Knot Craft Brewing continues to grow and supports more and more people in the Seattle area with both the brewery and their 2 restaurants.  Find out more about the brewery at their website or stop by the shop or one of the restaurants.

The View

The view in today’s picture really was something special.  It’s from the Sky View Observatory, which is located on the 73rd Floor of the Columbia Centre in Seattle.  Most people head for the Space Needle, but the Observatory has amazing views in all directions.  As well as the Brew with a View picture looking across Seattle to Bainbridge Island and beyond to the Pacific, the opposite direction has outstanding views of Mount Rainier.  I would certainly recommend spending the $14.75 it costs to get to the Observatory if you are visiting Seattle.  Find more info on the Observatory here.

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