A Day Out in the Eifel Park, Germany

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A Day Out in the Eifel Park – Erlebniswelt Eifeltor

Are you visiting or living in the area around Cologne or Dusseldorf?  Looking for an exciting family day out for young children, big kids or difficult fathers?  Do you want some fresh air without having to spend a fortune visiting a theme park?  What you need is a day out in the Eifel Park!  This beautiful wilderness of hills and cute little villages is barely 30 minutes drive south of Cologne.  One of our favourite places is the gorgeous village of Monschau.  Famous for it’s medieval feel, cobbled streets and idyllic Christmas market its a really great place to visit.  But today we have something different, a day out in the Eifel Park.  More specifically, read on and find out how we ended up at Erlebniswelt Eifeltor.  Also read on, if for no other reason than to be enticed into visiting a totally awesome, privately built toboggan ride – you known you’d love it.

a day out in the eifel park monschau
The Idyllic Village of Monschau

More Pressure and Decisions for a Good Day Out!

We had friends visiting from the UK and for once the weather in Cologne was actually pretty good.  Having got over the surprise of not having to get our pack-a-macs out I was called upon once again to come up with something exciting for everyone to do.  After the huge success of out recent day out to the Zollverein Industrial Complex the house was full of hyperactive teenagers and parental expectation.  I surveyed the baying crowd and got the following criteria:

  • Adrenaline opportunities for teenage daughters a must.
  • Minigolf desirable (my wife loves it – what can I say – I think she just likes beating me with sticks).
  • Nice scenery and outside activities.
  • Chance to show British visitors yet more traditional German food and drink.
  • Not more than 1 hour from Cologne.
a day in the eifel park crowd
The Baying Crowd Looking for a Grand Day Out

I was determined to come up trumps despite the pressure.  Following tip from youngest daughter Lucy about some kind of amazing summer Toboggan run I found Erlebniswelt Eifeltor. We were having a day out in the Eifel Park to remember and I was hopefully going to be a hero father, the king of the day out.

A Few Basics About Erlebniswelt Eifeltor (AKA House of Fun)

Naturally, the first thing to do is to find the place.  It’s not so hard, google maps works great to find it.  If you are using a Sat Nav the easiest thing is to do a postcode and street search.  Start with the postcode “53894” and the town is “Mechernich – Kommern”.  Then finally if you then use the street name “Zur Sommerrodelbahn”.  Yes, despite the name of the street being literally translated as “To the summer toboggan run” this really is the street address to use.  The route is a fairly easy drive south on the A1 Autobahn then following the B266 road towards Kall.

a day out in the eifel park train
Just Look Out for the Train

Erlebniswelt is then on the right side of the road heading from the A1.  If your Sat Nav is anything like the 2 cars we took it might try and make you turn into a road that doesn’t exist just before the actual road.  Keep going and turn right at the roundabout with the fab little train sculpture in the photo (above).  You then go right and follow the road right to the hotel and restaurant building (below).

a day out in the eifel park arriving
Arriving at Erlebniswelt Eifeltor

The Summer Toboggan Run – Awesome Fun

The biggest reason to visit Erlebniswelt Eifeltor is for it’s totally awesome summer toboggan run (the Sommerrodelbahn).  To find the start of the toboggan run carry on up the hill to the right of the white restaurant building (with the hotel on your right).  At the back you will find some of the amusement park and also the cashier where you can buy your tickets.  The cost of a run is 2 Euro for children under 11 and then 2.20 Euro for adults.  They do all sorts of great deals for buying multiple tickets.  This includes 6 runs for 11 Euros, 24 runs for 43.20 and even 50 runs for 83 Euros (all adult prices).  The sledges are pretty easy to operate, just brakes on and brakes off.

Trying to Look Cool on a Toboggan and Failing Badly

The toboggan run is 680 metres from top to bottom.  You can really get some great speed up but make sure you leave a good gap behind smaller children or anyone who wants to go a bit slower.  When you get to the bottom, don’t worry about having to get back up again as there is a system that pulls you and the sledge right back up to the top again.

Getting Up is Easy as Well
Getting Up is Easy as Well

Amusements and Outdoor Park – Quirky but Cool

As well as the Toboggan, there’s a pretty cool outdoor park as well.  Don’t expect a full blown theme park or cutting edge technology.   Things are much more traditional at Erlebniswelt Eifeltor.  There are some proper, old school things for both kids and adults to do.  You won’t have to queue up for hours just to be let down and try and take a photo on your phone of the rubbish pose you made at the crap roller coaster.  What you see below is just one of many examples of the fun to be had.  Climb aboard the contraption in the picture below, pull the string and see how high you dare to go before you wet your pants with excitement.  Really, try it!  There are swings and diggers and loads of other stuff to do as well.

Swinging Through the Tress – Retro but Cool

Lots of Other Things as Well (Indoor Playpark – Minigolf – Quadbiking)

Quad Biking
Quad Biking

There are loads of other things to help you have a great day.  There is an enormous indoor play area, which is perfect to let smaller children let off steam in safety.  It also makes Erlebniswelt Eifeltor a pretty awesome place to visit on a wet day as well.  There’s the minigolf, no windmill but hours of embarrassing fun for all the family.  Finally (well not finally exactly) if you plan ahead you could also book a Quadbiking session around the hills.  A great idea for older children.  I wish we had known about it, then we would have booked ahead and had a go.  Oh, there are some pretty fun trampolines as well.  I find you can’t go wrong with a trampoline or 2.  Even though my girls are getting older, they always want to have a go.


Lovely Restaurant and Cafe – Even a Hotel

When you have burnt off a bit of energy and feel the need for refreshment you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a lovely restaurant/ cafe to fulfil your every need.  Finish your day out in the eifel with a traditional German meal on the balcony overlooking the toboggan run.  You can also enjoy a lovely cold beer or even a nice coffee and kuchen German style.  Finally (really this time), if you want to enjoy an extended stay in this lovely part of the German countryside there is a hotel as well.  Come and make a weekend of it.  If you want to find out more about this wonderful place for a day out take a look on their website and find out more.  The whole area is a perfect place to visit, check out the Eifel National Park website for more information about all the great activities and amazing nature you can enjoy.

a day out in the eifel park food
The Happy Crowd after a Great Day Out and some German Food and Drink


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