Expat Quest Cologne – Part 3: Finally! Fish and Chips

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It’s time for the 3rd phase of the Cologne Expat Quest.  We have had a lot of success recently in our search to find some of our favourite things from back home in the UK.  First we managed to expand our weekend cafe routine beyond just the normal Coffee and Cake.  Then we finally found somewhere to have a decent curry, which you can read about here.  The quest is hopefully useful for both expats and visitors to Cologne who might be looking for a little taste something different.  What I love the most about the quest is the chance to meet the people the behind the various restaurants and cafe’s we’ve been finding.

Paul – The Hero of the Hour

After 5 years in Germany, something very exciting has happened.  A lovely man called Paul had just opened a Fish and Chip shop in Cologne.  We like Paul, a lot!  We have had quite a few false starts when it comes to trying to find somewhere that serves traditional English Fish and Chips.  In our first few months we saw a number of places we thought might be a Fish and Chip shop.  Their signs gave us vague hope from a distance only for them to be dashed when they turned out to be something else.  About 3 years ago, there was talk of a mobile Fish and Chip van near our local station.  We got them home and ripped open the paper like small children opening presents on Christmas Day.  Sadly, we were faced with a plate of orange food that bore no resemblance to any Fish and Chips I had ever seen before.  The taste was a huge let down and the search continued.  However, thanks to Paul that search is finally over.

Paul - The Hero of the Expat Quest in Cologne
Paul – The Hero of the Expat Quest in Cologne

Paul’s Restaurant and Take Away

We made our first trip to Paul’s Fish and Chips a couple of weeks ago now.  We stopped by for tea on a cold October evening and we were lucky enough to meet Paul hard at work at the fryer.  Originally from Cologne, he fell in love with Fish and Chips while living in South Africa.  When he returned to Cologne he was disappointed to find himself in the same situation as us unable to find the food he liked so much.  Instead of just complaining about the situation in a blog like I do, he dedicated himself to do something about it.  It took a lot of effort for him to secure the necessary supply of good quality fish.  On 30th September 2016, Paul’s Fish and Chips opened it’s doors on Handel Str, just the other side of the old Barcelo Hotel from Rudolfplatz.  The restaurant has a cool retro look with plenty of seating and Paul plays English radio over the speakers to add to the English feel.  He can also pack up your food to take away and everything is cooked fresh to order.

retro inside pauls
Retro Furniture and Plenty of Seating

Fish and Chips – In Newspaper As Well

So turning to the Fish and Chips themselves.  Firstly, Paul serves both Cod and Haddock.  We only tasted the Cod so far (we will be back for some Haddock soon).  It really was excellent fish.  It was big and chunky, just like Cod should be and encased in a perfect batter.  The chips were proper Chippy chips.  They were fat, succulent and as far from long, thin french fries as it’s possible to get.  Just the way chips should be.  As you can see from the picture, Paul serves his Fish and Chips in newspaper to give it that traditional vibe.  He also serves the most amazing Mushy Peas I have ever tasted.  I am not normally a fan of Mushy Peas but this really was out of this world.  He also makes his own ketchup that is equally as amazing.

Expat Quest Fish and Chips
Paul’s Wonderful Fish and Chips – Check Out Those Mushy Peas

If you live in Cologne or are just visiting you won’t go wrong with some of Paul’s Fish and Chips.  The restaurant is open between 11.30 am and 9 pm from Monday to Saturday.  Paul takes a well deserved day off on Sundays.  You can find out more about Paul’s on his Facebook page.

Support Local Businesses – A Great Way to Get to Know Your City

The more we can all support our local independent businesses like Paul’s Fish and Chips the more vibrant and diverse our cities become.  For Expat’s, getting to know the owners of local businesses is a great way to learn more about your city.  It would be great if other Expats could tell me about their favourite places to find a taste of home.  I would love for you to tell me about the people behind your favourite local businesses.  Just leave me a comment and help me build up the definitive expat guide to finding home comforts.  If you are an Expat, anywhere in the world, I recently came across the Expat Post website, which is a great source of info on cities in Europe and beyond.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to bringing you the stories behind other local, independent busess next time around.

Best Rgds

John F

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