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We recently had a fantastic trip to Copenhagen.  I always love visiting new places and trying different food.  From amazing breakfast roll selections, smørrebrød open rye bread sandwiches and a huge selection of fish, we really were spoilt for choice.  When I first started this blog, the biggest motivation was to tell the stories of the amazing people running independent businesses.  It inspires me so much to see people putting their heart and soul into what they do and this post introduces you to a DJ who risked everything to create a great restaurant that brings people together every day.  So read on and hear all about the story of the wonderful folk at Cafe Flottenheimer.  Once you have read their story, why not also read more about the wide selection of traditional Danish food written by the lovely people at Salt and Sandals.

From DJ to Restaurateur

Cafe Flottenheimer is owned by the amazing Sinan who is on the right in the picture at the top of the post.  He started life as a DJ when the cafe was a Cocktail Bar.  Four years ago the Cocktail Bar closed and Sinan’s life was at a crossroads.  With the help of his family he took a chance and set about turning it into a warming but funky and retro cafe/ restaurant.  I use the term cafe (slash) restaurant because while many places struggle to combine life as a daytime cafe and a great restaurant in the evening, Sinan has done an awesome job combining both into a small but perfectly formed space.  The restaurant is truly a family business and if you are really lucky, you might even get to meet Sinan’s mum as well.

Sinan is supported by a great team of people who treat every customer like a long lost friend returning home.  A special mention has to go out to Russ (He’s the one on the right in the photo).  He did an amazing job looking after everyone so attentively despite the place being really busy.  He even made us some of his signature cocktails after our dinner.  Then just to top it off, he recommended us to go on to his favourite Jazz club afterwards.

A Fantastic Welcome on a Cold Evening

We literally stumbled upon Cafe Flottenheimer on a cold October evening.  It was our first day in Copenhagen and we were wandering the city centre to get our bearings.  We were staying in Osterbro and had got the train down to Copenhagen Central Station.  We took in the lights at Tivoli before walking back through the city looking for somewhere to eat.  Most places were really quiet but then we came across a hive of activity in Cafe Flottenheimer.

The place was totally full and as we stepped inside we didn’t hold out much hope of getting a table.  However, Russ had other ideas.  He offered us a seat outside under a heater with some drinks while we waited for a table to free up.

We’d not been waiting long when Russ came and told us our table was ready.  Within minutes we were sat in the cosy, warm interior of the restaurant.  Inside, the atmosphere was buzzing with people.  As you can see from the photo, the decor is a little retro but it all adds to the ambience.

The Cosy Atmosphere of Cafe Flottenheimer

Great Restaurant With Great Food

The menu looked great.  It was provided on clipboards.  As a safety guy, I was in heaven.  I got to eat, drink and feel like an auditor all at the same time.  After we had shared some lovely Nachos to start, I had a succulent burger.  It was served with some rustic looking chips and washed down with a lovely glass of red wine.  My wife, Trudy, and our daughter Chloe had a fantastic chicken dish.  Our vegetarian daughter was also really well catered for.  She opted for some Vegetarian Quesadillas, which really were amazing as well.  The food wasn’t posh and pretentious but just good quality, well cooked great food.

Great Burger

Birthday Cocktails

Just as we were thinking of leaving, we found the cocktail menu on the table.  Our youngest daughter Lucy had just turned 18 so we thought it would be nice to share our first cocktail experience with her.  The cocktail menu was a lot more interesting than the predictable selection that you get in many places, as you can see.

Some really interesting cocktails

Faced with such a great selection, we opted for Russ’ selections and they were all fantastic.  It was a great end to an awesome evening.  If you are ever in Copenhagen, it really is a fantastic place for dinner.  They also serve brunch as well so you could go twice and support an Sinan, Russ and Sinan’s mum in their endeavours.  You can read more about Cafe Flottenheimer on their website here.

See how good the cocktails looked

More About Danish Food

While the food at Cafe Flottenheimer

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