Fresh Harris Fish – Support the Local Community Part 2

Harris Fish - Food of the Gods

If you are visiting the island and staying in self catering accomodation there are lots of ways that you can help support this wonderful island community.  This post is the second in the From Real People series about supporting the local community.  The goal is to show you that you don’t need to fill your car before you arrive or buy everything at the chain supermarkets in Stornoway.  There are loads of wonderful ways that you can have a great holiday while also buying from local businesses and helping them to thrive.  The Isle of Harris has an abundance of wonderful seafood.  This post in the series is all about the fresh Harris fish that you can find on the island.  As I always say, apologies if I missed anyone.  If I did, just drop me a message and I will be happy to include your local business.

Wonderful Harris Fish to Buy and Cook Yourself

The Isle of Harris is famous for its fantastic seafood.  As a child, I learnt to fish in Harris with my dad in the sea lochs along the east coast of Harris.  Being an island off the Scottish coast, it is no surprise to find that there is a great range of Harris fish available on the island.  In particular, shellfish is something that Harris is very famous for.  The Crab, Lobster and Scallops are to die for.  You can’t come to the island and not try some of the local Harris fish.   In an upcoming post, I’ll tell you more about the various restaurants where you can get great Harris fish.  There’s a quick summary of fish restaurants at the end.  However, this post is all about the best places to get Harris fish that you can cook yourself in your self catering accomodation.

Fresh Harris Fish Ashore
Fresh Harris Fish Coming Ashore

Fresh Harris Fish in Leverburgh – Sound of Harris Shellfish

The first showcase of Harris Fish comes courtesy of Leverburgh’s Sound of Harris Shellfish.  If you are visiting the Isle of Harris and are looking to pick up some fresh Harris fish then you’ll be pleased to hear that they sell their shellfish direct to the customer.  You can place orders by getting in touch either through Facebook, Phone (+44 7827 994354) or Email (  They fish from Leverburgh pier on the vessel Valhalla SY549.  This is where they usually meet their customers, at pre-arranged times. Their normal catch is crab and lobster, which is available all year round.  They also target langoustines between October and April. Huge thanks to Catriona for all the info.

Harris Fish Sound of Harris Shellfish
Some of the Team from Sound of Harris Shellfish with their catch

Looking for Harris Fish in North Harris – Scalpay Shellfish

The other great place to get freshly caught Harris fish is in Scalpay thanks to the lovely people at Scalpay Shellfish.  Since they were teenages, Finlay Ewen and Donald Macleod have been fishing the flavourful Scalpay waters.  They were taught first-hand by their own father so fishing really is in their blood.  They launched Scalpay Shellfish along with their wives Catherine and Hazel after tourists kept approaching them on Scalpay Pier looking to buy fresh shellfish.  Having identified a gap in the market to fulfil their requests they now sell crab, langoustines and lobster directly from their fishing boat from Monday to Saturday by prior arrangement from the pier in Scalpay.

Harris Fish Boats
The Maranatha Ω of Scalpay Shellfish

Scalpay Shellfish customers really love the fact they are buying fresh, local produce directly from the fishermen who have landed the catch.  You can’t get more traceable than that!  They love to provide a real taste of Scalpay – from sea to boat to plate within a matter of hours.  Scalpay fishermen pride themselves on their reputation for having an in-depth knowledge of the best fishing grounds in the area and the rare, quality products that live in the water.  They love to share their passion with those holidaying in the islands as well as the local.  Find out more on the Scalpay Shellfish Website, support their business and help them continue to raise their young families on the islands they love.  Orders can be arranged by phone (07900316398 or 07833506566) or via email (

Harris Fish Macleod Brothers
Brothers Donald and Finlay Ewen MacLeod of Scalpay Shellfish

Harris Fish Further Afield – Seas the Catch

Next up isn’t exactly somewhere to get fish on Harris itself.  Seas the Catch is more somewhere to look for Harris fish when you leave and are perhaps trying restaurants elsewhere in Scotland.  Seas the Catch don’t sell their fresh Harris fish on the island (except occasionally to the Anchorage in Leverburgh).  Most of their trade is supplying fish to restaurants and hotels.  Look out for Nigel’s vans on the island and give this great local business your support when you find their Harris fish for sale.  They supply a number of famous restuarants in Scotland.  These include IV10 in Fortrose, SunDancer and Cafe One One Two in Nairn, and the Crieff Hyrdo in Perthshire.

Harris Fish Great Seafood from Seas the Catch
Great Seafood from Seas the Catch

Restaurants Where You Can Eat Harris Fish on Island

While we are on the subject of Harris fish, it’s also worth giving a quick mention to the various restaurants and other food establishments where you can also eat some.  As always, not to favour any establish, the list from South to North of the Island are listed below.  As always, if you are on the island and I missed anyone just give me a shout.  Likewise if I happen to have got any of the info wrong.  I have listed places where seafood is a big feature of the menu, but of course they all serve meat and vegetarian food as well.  There will be a bigger feature of the various Isle of Harris cafes and restaurants coming up in the 3rd part in this From Real People community series.

Leverburgh:  The Anchorage and the Butty Bus.

Northton:  Croft 36.

Niseaboist:  Talla Na Mara.

Tarbert:   Pierhouse Restaurant – Mote Bar at the Hotel Hebrides and the restaurant at the Harris Hotel.

Scalpay:  North Harbour Bistro.

Harris Fish Surf and Turf
Harris Fish Surf and Turf (Thanks to Scalpay Shellfish)

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  1. lindy clubb

    Thanks so much for this! My sister and I are spending 3 days on beautiful Isle of Harris in September, our search for local produce and seafood is over! Supporting local is a way of life for us country women from Canada….

  2. susan wooll

    There is a new eatery on Harris – in Rodel Sams Seafood Shack is getting great reviews – fabulous fresh seafood – there is website on Facebook.

    1. Thanks, I’m just waiting for some info from Sam and then I will add it as soon as possible.

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